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2010 Subaru Legacy

The 2010 Subaru Legacy has been comprehensively redesigned and presents a marked departure from previous versions. New fenders bulge out dramatically and big, bright headlamps accent the powerful looking front end. While its predecessors were always quite reserved, this new Legacy makes no apologies for its bold styling. And for those that are appreciative of this new look, they will find their true rewards when they discover the loads of safety and luxury features presented by these very capable midsized sedans.

Honda Accord Sedan 2010

The Accord has been styled to attract more than just a passing glance. Its sharp lines and powerful stance excites the senses from any angle. With a large and luxurious interior, the Accord Sedan provides the comfort you deserve.
In the Accord's case, bigger is better. It means more comfort and more room for those Honda details, like available leather-trimmed seats. The driver's seat has10-way power adjustment including power lumbar support
(EX and above) to fine tune a perfect fit. Rear passengers enjoy ample room conveniences like afold-down center armrest and a Rear HVAC Vent to keep them cool.
The Accord has a well-earned reputation of Honda safety technology.
Every Accord is designed to keep you on course and away from danger. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) helps sense oversteer or understeer in an emergency situation, and then adjusts brake pressure at each wheel and/or reduces engine power to help restore driver control and keep you on course.